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Accidentally Meow On You

Calling All Cat Lovers: 4 Reasons To Start Watching “Accidentally Meow On You”

“Accidentally Meow on You” is a new C-drama following the rom-com story of entertainment company CEO Ji Chen (Xing Zhao Lin) and optimistic former athlete Zhou Tian (Hu Bing Qing). Zhou Tian is searching for a job after her dreams as an athlete came to an unexpected end following an injury, and through a series of unexpected accidents, she finds herself as the assistant to the cold-hearted CEO Ji Chen. Eventually, the pair grows fond of each when they bond over anonymous chatting through their shared love for cats. Full of heart-fluttering and entertaining cliché romance tropes, hilarious moments between the leads, and light-hearted vibes, “Accidentally Meow on You” is sure to be the new rom-com to capture your hearts!

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