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Back From the Brink (2023) Eng Sub

As Tian Yao meets Yan Hui and embarks on a journey to retrieve his remaining bones, he finds solace in her unwavering loyalty and commitment to protecting him. Through their shared quest, he begins to heal the wounds of his past betrayal and emptiness of his heart, discovering the possibility of renewal and trust in their burgeoning bond. Together, they face challenges and obstacles, ultimately leading to a deeper connection and a chance for Tian Yao to reclaim his lost sense of self and purpose.

As Tian Yao's soul escapes from the seal that held his dragon bones captive, he embarks on a journey of revenge and reclamation of what was once his. Sensing a seal within a lake that may hold a key to his missing bones, Tian Yao patiently awaits his opportunity to break free from his past betrayal and regain his former power and stature. With determination and cunning, he sets out to uncover the secrets that have kept him imprisoned for so long and seek justice for the love that was lost.

As Tian Yao encounters Yan Hui and discovers her connection to the dragon that can help him break the seal and retrieve his missing body parts, their initial transactional relationship takes a transformative turn. Despite Yan Hui's initial attempts to escape, their bond strengthens over time as she repeatedly shows her loyalty and dedication to saving him. In return, Tian Yao begins to see Yan Hui not just as a means to an end, but as a companion with a shared destiny. As mysteries unravel and Yan Hui learns about her true origin, their intertwined fates reveal a deeper and unbreakable connection between them, challenging them to confront their pasts and embrace the path ahead together.

Original network: Youku;

Director: Sam Ho [何澍培] and Zeng Xiao Yu [曾晓禹]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Novel, Romance


💽 Episode 01 👉 Click Me 🔗

💽 Episode 02 👉 Click Me 🔗

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