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Best Choice Ever (2024)

Mai Cheng Huan, a post-95 girl born into an ordinary family in Shanghai, proposed marriage to her boyfriend, Xin Jia Liang, at the urging of her mother, Liu Wan Yu. However, the favorable economic conditions of the Xin family made this originally equal emotional relationship unbalanced.

At the same time, Mai's mother's excessive intervention in her daughter's life-long events accelerated the breakup between Mai Cheng Huan and Xin Jia Liang. Between being filial to her parents and being loyal to herself, Mai Cheng Huan struggled to find a way. She gradually broke away from her mother's strong care and became more focused and enterprising in her work.

Mai Cheng Huan's transformation has been recognized by her step-grandmother, and she entrusts her with the most important task of hotel management. Yao Zhi Ming, the step-grandmother's grandson and a professional hotel manager, gradually understands and agrees with Mai Cheng Huan during cooperation with her, and the two become working partners and go hand in hand.

But in real life, Yao Zhi Ming was surrounded by the true feelings of the Mai family, and his relationship with Mai Cheng Huan gradually heated up. From "Cheng Huan's knees" to "self-achievement", Mai Cheng Huan has embarked on an extraordinary growth path that belongs to her alone.

(Source: Chinese = Baidu)

Adapted from the novel "Stories of Mai Chenghuan"

Episodes: 38

Duration: 45 min.

Airs On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Also Known As: 承欢记 承歡記 Cheng Huan Ji Story of Joy История Чэнхуань Лучший выбор на свете

Director: Tian Yu [田宇] and Wang Cheng Xin [王成欣]

Original Network: CCTV; Tencent Video;

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Genres: Drama; Family; life; Romance; Workplace;

Airs: 2024

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