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Best Choice Ever (2024)

Mai Cheng Huan, a young woman from a ordinary family in Shanghai, struggles to balance her emotions with her fam

Mai Cheng Huan's transformation is recognized by her step-grandmother, who entrusts her with the crucial task of hotel management, and she works closely with Yao Zhi Ming, who comes to appreciate her abilities and eventually becomes a romantic partner. As they work together, Mai's growth is marked by a shift from being controlled by her family's expectations to achieving self-actualization, and she finds a path that is uniquely her own.ily's expectations when she proposes marriage to her boyfriend, Xin Jia Liang, only to have the relationship unbalanced by the favorable economic conditions of the Xin family. As she navigates the breakup, Mai finds her own path and independence, eventually becoming the manager of her step-grandmother's hotel and forming a partnership with Yao Zhi Ming, who becomes more than just a colleague.

Mai Cheng Huan's mother's overbearing behavior in her daughter's life exacerbates the breakup with Xin Jia Liang, forcing Mai to confront the dilemma of being loyal to her parents versus being true to herself. As she navigates this internal conflict, Mai slowly breaks free from her mother's suffocating control and finds a new sense of purpose and drive in her work.

Original network: CCTV; Tencent Video;

Director: Tian Yu and Wang Cheng Xin

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2024

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