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Follow Your Heart (2024)

In the midst of a high-stakes investigation, Prince Jiang Xin Bai, a proud and proud head constable, found himself stumbling upon a mysterious woman with a penchant for reinventing herself. Dr. Yan Nan Xing, a brilliant and enigmatic physician, had a habit of changing her appearance every month, leaving Jiang Xin Bai bewildered and struggling to recognize her.

As they collided in a crowded marketplace, their initial encounter was marked by misunderstandings and misadventures, with Jiang Xin Bai's face blindness only adding to the chaos. Yet, despite the obstacles, they found themselves drawn to each other, and as they unraveled the tangled threads of the case together, they discovered that their unlikely partnership was forged in the fires of fate.

As the unlikely duo navigated the intricate web of their relationships, Jiang Xin Bai and Yan Nan Xing found themselves bound together by a series of unexpected "marriages" and "separations". Amidst the turmoil, they struggled to maintain their secrets, with Jiang Xin Bai's face blindness making it impossible for him to recognize his partners, and Yan Nan Xing's monthly transformations leaving him bewildered.

Despite the challenges, they slowly began to uncover each other's true identities and motivations, and as they did, their mutual respect and admiration grew. United in their quest to vanquish the evil forces of Wuxiang, they joined forces to take down the powerful foe, their unlikely partnership blossoming into a deep and abiding love.

Original network: iQiyi;

Director: Yu Chung Chung

Country: Chinese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2024


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