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Hormones (2013) Review

Director: Kriangkrai Vachiratamporn [เกรียงไกร วชิรธรรมพร] and Yong Songyos Sugmakanan [ทรงยศ สุขมากอนันต์] Country: Thailand Status: Completed Released: 2013 Genre: BL, Drama, Friendship, Mature, Romance, School, Youth

Description: This series is about Thai secondary school students and their friends trying to find their way through the ups and downs of adolescence. It features issues and experiences of Thai teenagers in high school such as relationships, sexuality, sex, bullying, school gang violence and substance abuse. Family issues are also gradually revealed as the series progresses.

Hormones (Full title: Hormones วัยว้าวุ่น, promoted as Hormones: The Series), is a Thai teen drama television series produced by GTH and first broadcast in 2013. The show follows the lives and relationships of a group of secondary school students as they go through school and home life and face various issues. Breaking the mould of Thai television, which typically features Thai soap operas and sitcoms, Hormones was conceived with a more Western style and production values more usually associated with filmmaking. It also distinguished itself by featuring controversial issues such as teenage sex and pregnancy, homosexuality and school violence. The series' first season was directed by Songyos Sugmakanan, and was broadcast on satellite channel GMM One and online from May to August 2013. The series was positively received and, despite not being shown on free-to-air terrestrial television and being criticized for its content, proved extremely popular, prompting the creation of a second season. Directed by Kriangkrai Vachiratamporn, the second season began broadcasting in July 2014. A third and final season, also directed by Kriangkrai, followed in September 2015.


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