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Love You Seven Times (2023)

Original network: iQiyi; Director: Li Nan Country: Chinese Status: Completed Released: 2023 Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Martial Arts, Novel, Romance, Web Series, Wuxia Description: Xiao Xiang Zi was originally a cloud, but was turned into a fairy by Yue Laodian, and started working in Yue Lao Pavilion. Chu Kong is a disciple of the Uri Xingjun constellation. He strayed into Yue Lao Pavilion and was treated as a villain. Chu Kong accidentally broke Xiao Xiangzi's fan, so the two quarreled and accidentally messed up the red string, which led to the marriage of the three worlds. The Jade Emperor knew about the chaos, and his punishment to them was that they could not go back to heaven until after the seven lives of love, and so their story began. (Source: DramaWiki) Adapted from the web novel “Yi Shi Chong Dong, Qi Shi Bu Xiang” by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang . Episodes: 38 ( Uploading )

💽 Episode 01 👉 Click Me 🔗

💽 Episode 02 👉 Click Me 🔗

💽 Episode 03 👉 Click Me 🔗

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