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Byeon Woo-seok, Alasan Utama Nonton Lovely Runner Review By Mr KD

After 10 years of a career in the entertainment world, Byeon Woo-seok finally hooked his main role in the passing drama Lovely Runner.

Acting as an idol named Ryu Sun Jae, the role of Woo-seok immediately made K-drama deg-degan lovers. Mau nangis, the drakor he starred in with Kim Hye-yoon romantic comedy; want to laugh out loud, we are afraid the ending is being fixed because of a tragic story.

The thing is, nih, deep Lovely Runner Sun Jae's character is said to have died, and Sol's character played by Hye-yoon goes back to the past, trying to change Sun Jae's destiny before he became an idol.

Naturally, though, deg-degan warganet. The last two years, these 2 tall Woo-seok appearances (189 cm high) make meek. In the film 20th Century Girl (2022), Woo-seok is the first love of the main character (played Kim Yoo-jung), who is said to have died (without being shown). While in the drakor Strong Girl Nam-soon (2023), Woo-seok became a tragic little-mighty antagonist who was finally killed.

Indeed, anyway, Lovely Runner just aired 2 episodes of 16 planned episodes. But, the lover of K-drama was a deg-degan hunt while the baper saw chemistry between Woo-seok and Hye-yoon (their high difference reminds us of Rowoon and Hye-yoon in Extraordinary You).Lovely Runner also again featured Woo-seok as a high school kid, even though he was 32 years old. But Woo-seok is still appropriate, right, so the handsome high school kid has medicine. In the film Soulmate (2023) which he starred in with Kim Da-mi, Woo-seok had appeared in a high school uniform.


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