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Men in Love (2024) - Trailer

Ye Han's professionalism and kindness had a profound impact on Li Xiaoxiao, who was initially hesitant to take a chance on love due to past experiences. As they worked together to overcome various crises, their mutual trust and respect grew, and Ye Han's gentle nature slowly chipped away at Li Xiaoxiao's defenses, paving the way for a potential romance.

Xu Jiacheng's outgoing personality and Tong Yiwen's confidence in her career as a model sparked a strong connection between them, as they both navigated the challenges of balancing their professional and personal lives. With their shared passion for their respective fields and their willingness to support each other, they found a sense of harmony and potential for a loving relationship.

As the four friends navigated their relationships, Xiaoxiao's hidden feelings for Jiacheng added complexity to their dynamics, but ultimately, they all emerged stronger and more in love. Meanwhile, Xu Yan and Xu Jialin's blossoming romance helped him overcome his fear of commitment, and Lu Zheng and Guo Shenglin's marriage, despite its imperfections, was refined and strengthened through their trials and tribulations.

Original network: Tencent Video; iQiyi;

Director: Elson Chang

Country: Chinese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2024


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