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My Lovely Wife (2023)

Original network: iQiyi; Country: Chinese Status: Completed Released: 2023 Genre: Childhood, Drama, Manhua, Romance, Trauma Description: Xu Nian, who witnessed her mother's death firsthand, developed mutism due to PTSD, losing her mother's care. Her father marries his lover and brings in a stepdaughter of similar age, subjecting Xu Nian to his cold indifference and the mistreatment and bullying of her stepmother Jiang Wan Li and her daughter Xu Yao. However, Xu Nian has always believed that there was a hidden truth behind her mother's death. To uncover the truth, she had to pretend to be weak and innocent, playing the role of a mute girl, while in reality, she is a kind-hearted but highly intelligent woman. Gu Ming Yan, a stern and powerful CEO, has a paranoid personality due to childhood traumas, making him deeply suspicious of others. He has long suspected that his father's death was a conspiracy involving the Xu family and Gu Hong Yu. Upon discovering Xu Nian's true identity, he seeks to use her to uncover the truth. Gu Ming Yan manipulates Xu Nian into signing a marriage contract and "living together" with him, unaware that he is the prey of Xu Nian, a skilled manipulator. In their battle of wits, the two strong individuals move from deceiving each other to genuine emotions. On the path of revenge, they transition from using each other to cooperating against a common enemy. Their hearts gradually draw closer, and they fall in love with each other. However, just as everything seems to be going perfectly, they discover that the true mastermind is fa (Source: iQiyi) Adapted from the web manhua "Zhan Zhu! Xiao Ya Qi" (站住!小哑妻) by Ake Culture (阿柯文化). Episodes: 22


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