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My Military Valentine (2024)

As the bright lights of Seoul shone down on her, pop sensation Yoon Ji-hyun couldn't shake off the feeling of emptiness. She had enlisted in the military to serve her country, but the constant training and drills only made her feel like a pawn in a larger game. That was until she met him - a North Korean soldier named Kim Min-soo, who had defected to the South during a patrol mission. Their chance encounter at a Seoul market led to a whirlwind romance, with Ji-hyun and Min-soo finding solace in each other's company amidst the tensions between their nations. As their love blossomed, they began to dream of a future where their countries could reunite, and they could live together without the burden of war.

Lloyd, the K-pop sensation, was at the height of his career, with fans adoring him from Seoul to Los Angeles. But when he stumbled upon a cryptic message hinting at a dark conspiracy involving the entertainment industry and the government, he felt compelled to take action. Enlisting in the military, he traded in his mic for a rifle, seeking answers and a sense of purpose. Little did he know, his journey would take him on a thrilling ride of espionage, corruption, and danger. As he navigated the complex web of secrets and lies, Lloyd found himself in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, where his fame and fortune were just mere distractions from the truth he sought to uncover.

As the sun set over the Demilitarized Zone, Second Lieutenant Baek Young Ok, known as "The Ice Queen" among her comrades, led her elite team of special forces with precision and confidence. Her porcelain-doll complexion and striking features made her a striking figure, but it was her sharp mind and unwavering dedication to duty that earned her the respect of her peers. With a wit as sharp as her skills with a gun, Baek Young Ok had a way of slicing through red tape and getting results, often leaving those who underestimated her in the dust. Despite her tough exterior, however, a glimmer of vulnerability flickered deep within her eyes, hinting at a complex web of emotions hidden beneath her icy façade.

Original network: jTBC;

Director: Park Kwang Choon

Country: Korean

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2024

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