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Only For Love (2023)


Zheng Shu Yi is a hard-working reporter for one of China’s leading financial newspapers. She’s determined to land a front-page story, so she is pulling out all the stops to land an interview with one of the most talked-about young CEOs in the land – Shi Yan. For his part, the businessman is looking to make a series of investments in promising startup firms as a way of giving back to the community.

A mixup occurs between the two, and their paths cross again. But as they (inadvertently) get to know one another, they start to realize their destinies may be intertwined. Shi Yan discovers that Zheng Shu Yi’s extensive reporting career means very few people know more about local startups. He agrees to let her write a series of stories about her company, causing them to meet again and again. But could this blossoming working relationship also lead them on the path to love?

(Source: Viki)

Adapted from the web novel "Accidental Love" (错撩) by Qiao Yao (翘摇).

Episodes: 36

Other name: 以爱为营 以愛為營 错撩 錯撩 Yi Ai Wei Ying Cuo Liao Accidental Love Случайная любовь Только по любви

Original network: Mango TV; Hunan TV;

Director: Guo Hu [郭虎]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Business, Comedy, Novel, Romance, Workplace


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