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Please Come Back, Mister (2016) - English Sub

This is a fascinating and intriguing premise! The concept of a person being worked to death and then returning to the living world in a new body is a unique and captivating idea. The fact that Lee Hae Joon's body is possessed by the spirit of Kim Yeong Soo, who was worked to death, adds a layer of depth and complexity to the story. It raises questions about identity, mortality, and the afterlife.

This adds another layer of complexity to the story! The possession of a woman's body by a tough guy's spirit creates an interesting dynamic, and the introduction of Shin Da Hye's love triangle with Lee Hae Joon and Jung Ji Hoon adds a romantic element to the plot. This could lead to some intriguing conflicts and character developments, as Shin Da Hye navigates her emotions and tries to reconcile her feelings with her husband's sudden death.

I was wondering when the original source would be mentioned. "Tsubakiyama Kacho no Nanokakan" is a Japanese novel by Jiro Asada, and it's great that the drama is based on this work. The novel's themes and characters have been adapted to fit a Korean context, which adds a fresh twist to the story.

Original network: SBS;

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Bromance, Comedy, Drama, melodrama, Resurrection, Romance, Sismance, Supernatural, Transmigration

Trailer :


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