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The Double (2024)

After a devastating turn of events, Xue Li, the daughter of a wealthy and influential magistrate, found herself left with nothing but the clothes on her back. Graciously taken under the wing of Jiang Ruo Yu, the daughter of the Minister of Rites, she was given a second chance at life. In a bold move, Jiang Ruo Yu decided to lend Xue Li her identity, allowing her to return to the capital city in disguise as the Minister's own daughter. With a new name and a new role, Xue Li navigated the complexities of court politics and society, all while keeping her true identity hidden behind a veil of deception and intrigue.

As Xue Li navigated the treacherous landscape of the capital, she found solace in the support of influential allies like Xiao Heng, the Duke of Suguo. With his guidance and protection, she bravely confronted the injustices that plagued the land, using her wit and cunning to outmaneuver her foes. Despite the many obstacles and dangers that lay in her path, Xue Li remained steadfast in her determination to bring about change, using her new identity as Jiang Ruo Yu to fight for the rights of the marginalized and oppressed.

Original network: CCTV; Youku;

Director: Bai Yun Mo , Lu Hao Ji Ji and Ma Shi Ge

Country: Chinese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2024

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