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Vacation of Love Season 01 (2021) Review

Director: Yao Xiao Feng [姚晓峰]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021


Xu Keyi is an established manager. On New Year's Eve, she brings her artist Gao Junyu along with her to a resort for a performance. She thought that her ten years of contribution could reap her a beautiful relationship, but she was sorely let down. While drinking alone at the beach, she meets Hou Hao, a man that has been watching silently over her. Suffering from the setbacks in her relationship and career, Xu Keyi finds herself healed from the warmth and comfort brought by Hou Hao. Also at the resort is Song Xiaoke and Chen Binbin, who has been married for years and has two children. Song Xiaoke, who is now a strong career woman, can no longer stand Chen Binbin's idleness and decides to get a divorce. However the couple has no choice but to put on a pretense due to their children and family. Chen Binbin, who regretted his rashness, tries his best to win back his wife.

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