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What's Wrong With My Princess (2023)

Director: Tony Tang [唐万里] Country: Chinese Status: Ongoing Released: 2023 Genre: Historical, Novel, Revenge, Romance, Web Series Description: General Murong Qiuyu was infatuated with the second prince Li Mo, she aided him in seizing the throne. However, she was betrayed and killed by Li Mo and her sister Murong Xiner. After being reborn, Qiuyu found herself back on her wedding night with the seventh prince, Li Jian. Qiuyu decided to join forces with Li Mo's rival, Li Jian, to ensure that Murong Xiner and Li Mo face the punishment they deserve... (Source: Fresh Drama Youtube Channel) Adapted from the novel "Mad Girl Rebirth: The Dude Seven Princesses" (狂女重生:纨绔七皇妃) by Hong Guo Gu Episodes: 32


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